Welcome to the Equestrian Wasteland!

Fallout Equestria: REMAINS is a hardcore mix of platformer, 2D-shooter and roguelike with RPG elements brought to you by devoted fans of Fallout: Equestria universe authored by Kkat.

Travel around a post-apocalyptic world and explore its various corners, communicate with locals and help them, level up and fight enemies using a vast arsenal of weapons and magic. The full playthrough offers 30+ hours of fascinating experience.

This is a completely free game, no pay-to-win.
The development is complete, the game is released.
The latest version: 1.0.2

You can play it right now!

Play version 1.0 in browser
You need an installed Flash-player to play the game.

Download .exe 1.0.1 (installer with embedded Adobe AIR)
This is a preferred option for Windows users, this way the game runs smoother.
If you already have a previous version, you should uninstall it first.

Download .zip (portable version for Flash Player)
Extract the archive to the destination of your choice, you can run the game using pfe.swf (via Stand-alone Flash-player) or pfe.exe.

If exe- or swf-version of the game are outdated, you can update them by placing this file in your game directory.

Download patch 1.0.2 (unpack in the folder of installed game with the replacement of files)

Play version 0.7 in browser
This is a previous version of the game. To transfer saves from 0.7 to 1.0 use "Save to file" and "Load from file" game functions.

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